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My Debut CDYou hold in your hands bits and pieces of my life, woven together through the lyrics of these songs. This is my effort to "rediscover" the lyric. There is a quiet power in the human voice caressing words and carried on the wings of an acoustic piano. It is... simple... honest... exposed.

I dedicate Love Don't Need A Reason to my mentor, Julius Johnsen. He is with me, always. To our young people, our future, you seem so angry and ill guided. Listen to the lyrics of Strange Fruit. If we do not remember our past, we are destined to repeat it...only this time, through self destruction. To my parents Luther and Georgia Holloway, I thank you for your unselfish love and sacrifices..If I Could, I would have come before you to shield your innocence from time. I chose Ol'Man River because it will outlive us all. Regardless of what we do to ourselves...regardless of what we do to each other, that Ol'Man River just keeps rollin' along.

Special thanks to the wonderful musical gift and genius of Bobby Schiff. No bagel is safe in the same room with this man. To the best friend a person could have (once you get her off the phone), Esther Lynn. An extra special thank you to Bobby Kaz for his love and unrelenting belief in our goal. And to my fans who have now become my friends, thank you for following me on my journey. I reach the stars each time I am able to sing for you. One of these days I will raise my hands to the sky, rear back my head and the whole world will hear my voice.

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